Sod Installation

22 Jun

Transforming sand to a very attractive lawn is advisable to install sod nursery. This is the quickest method. This method is also labor intensive but it is worth it since the results for the transformation will be fast and very amazing. It is very advisable to first calculate the square yard that the lawn will be able to cover. When it comes to this one is required to have a measuring tape. To calculate the area one simply measures the width and the length of the place the best sodding in north york installation will take place. After this then multiply the length and the width to get the area, this will enable you to get the square yardage.

If you have a yard that has a regular shape then this method is the most favorable one. When it comes to calculating the area of an irregular shape then it will be very easy to break down the smaller areas that will be very easy to calculate. After breaking those into a small area then calculate them individually. Ordering the topsoil is the next step after doing this. To find a topsoil supplier you can search for one in the yellow pages of your local area. It is also advisable that you search for suppliers from the local landscaping company. The topsoil will be required to enough for a six-inch deep yard. By giving the suppliers your square yardage they can be able to supply you with enough topsoil. They also deliver topsoil to their customers. For more facts about landscaping, visit this website at

It is your choice to hire a contractor who can spread the topsoil on the site or you can decide to do it yourself. It is necessary to have a wheelbarrow, a shovel, and a rake when it comes to doing this work. They will come in handy when it comes to the spreading of the soil. This method applies to small areas. For larger areas then it is very advisable to hire a tractor or even an excavator for the spreading of the soil. There are some advantages to hiring a contractor. A contractor will ensure that the soil is compressed in the process of spreading it. Be sure to click here for more details!

Preparing for the installation of the sod comes after the spreading of the topsoil. Compress and rake the soil. After this is done the one can order the delivery of the sod. You shouldn’t order your sod very soon as it deteriorates at a very high rate. Layer your sod after this. Sod layering is very similar to building with bricks. This is supposed to mean that one layer of sod should not line up with the next layer.

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